• Twaron the Power of Aramid

Twaron® the Power of Aramid

Teijin Aramid

The growing threat of violence today has led to an increased demand for ballistic protection. Teijin Aramid is dedicated to providing this protection through the use of its high performance para-aramid fiber—Twaron®. With excellent tenacity, impact resistance, and energy absorption properties, Twaron offers comfortable, lightweight and effective ballistic solutions—designed to protect policemen and women, soldiers, and the vehicles they use. To convey these messages to the marketplace, TAG developed a multi-ad campaign geared to police and tactical markets. This campaign illustrated the ever-changing threat levels these brave men and women face, and how the comfort achieved through softer, more flexible Twaron fibers allow them to do their jobs without compromise. Twaron, The Power of Aramid — affords maximum performance for all those who protect us and ensure our freedom.