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Gold Shield of Protection

PBI Performance Products, Inc.

Firefighters like to say it's just a "job" to them, but we know it's more. It's a calling that puts them in harms way. PBI Performance Products recognizes the challenges firefighters face. So, they chose TAG to market PBI fibers to the fire service. TAG redesigned the entire PBI brand—new logo, new collateral and unique ad campaign. TAG wanted the message out, that tough, rugged gear of the highest quality does in fact save lives. Only one man could execute the vision. Neil Adams, creator of Batman, X-Men and others, came to create a series of ads featuring PBI Gold turnout gear. Says Adams, "These are true stories, about real people, in my opinion real heroes; getting the message out to other firefighters—that's the source of pride. I'd trade a gig drawing any superhero for the privilege of doing this project." While putting a "real" price on these industry-specific ads was difficult, the project's outcome was priceless in the future success of PBI.