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Filament Twill Technology

Safety Components

Engineered by Safety Components, Filament Twill Technology™ (FTT) was designed to provide first responders with more comfortable personal protective apparel. Studies show that if personal protective garments are more comfortable, the more likely they are to be worn, and worn properly thus insuring maximum protection. Filament Twill Technology combines innovative spun yarn blends and unique weave patterns to take mobility and comfort to the extreme—all while maintaining superior protection and durability. To introduce FTT to the market TAG “put” FTT in a can, literally. Repurposing and customizing CD tins, to contain a brochure, specification card and fabric samples. Safety Components’ patented, Filament Twill Technology, powered by DuPont™ Kevlar® filament, is the driving force behind outer shells like PBI Max™ and Armor AP™; and the genius behind Glide™ thermal liners. To understand the movement and feel the difference, request a Filament Twill Sample Kit online at safetycomponents.com/ftt